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Fuji Rock Festival 26 July 2014..

Fuji Rock Festival 26 July 2014..

From Q Magazine. Source: ArcadeFiretube.

Check out :51 - :53 in the Kanpe video :-)

Coming soon: The Children’s Band of Baille Tourible! Grand Ambassador Régine Chassagne of ‎Arcade Fire‬ recently had saxophones, trumpets, clarinets, and more board a YUL-PAP flight! They will be given to the children of Baille Tourible for a Kanpe music education summer program and to form a ‪‎band‬!
How can you not love her?

How can you not love her?

It seems like people in your family must have missed that you were such an amazing musician, otherwise you might have been pushed into a total classical world. You were picking up all these classical songs off the radio by ear, and if you’d done that in my family, my mom would have made you go to conservatory and really push it. You have such a natural thing.
Win addressing Régine -  Radio Free Canuckistan
He [Alvino Rey] was 95. I would speak to him on the phone, and there was no difference between him and any 20 year old. He was cooler than anyone I knew.
Régine Chassagne - Radio Free Canuckistan
That night, in Butler’s apartment, the pair wrote “Headlights Look like Diamonds,” which would eventually appear on Arcade Fire’s debut EP. Perhaps not a terribly romantic tune, but when was the last time you composed a song on a first date?
Music Magazine - December 2011
Arcade Fire’s aggressive stance on stage suggests one thing, and one thing only — get on board with us. Now. It’s not a question, it’s a statement. “We’re taking you with us; you’re going where we go.” You’re captive. You’re coming.
Culturemap Houston May 5, 2011
Headlights Look Like Diamonds - What truly makes this track essential Arcade Fire listening is that Win Butler and Régine Chassagne wrote “Headlights” on their first date (cue the collective “awww”), setting the foundation for everything to come.
Beats Per Minute Magazine - August 2, 2012